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  • Is it a fact that your life has declined due to using drugs, alcohol and/or other substances?
  • Do you feel stuck in relationships, work, other areas, while positive attitude and/or feelings of happiness have gone?
  • Does the future look like a black hole and you can not find a solution to get out of it?


The Foundation Creating Balance Thailand, offers out of a practical "no nonsense" approach, several very successful programs and opportunities to people who seek help and support of the topics.

Are you looking for an affordable program with a practical, no nonsense approach, where quality of support is paramount? You can find more information on the programs “Once in a Lifetime” and “Spiritual Journey”.

The Foundation provides the opportunity for people to learn the "real Thailand" and its culture from the inside, as a volunteer, on several projects from the Foundation.

For more information see the volunteer program.

Do you want to help with:

  • secure a good future for children and young people and / or break through the vicious circle of disadvantage and discrimination?
  • to achieve and or support the volunteer projects of the Foundation?
  • to achieve and or support the work of the Foundation?

For more information please look at the components, Just Say No!, Don't Think, Just Do! and Donations.

Who we are

At the end of 2007, the “Creating Balance Thailand” Foundation started its operations in Thailand originating from the “Once in a Lifetime” Foundation with expertise in developing rehabilitation programs for addicts.
The Creating Balance Thailand Foundation was pioneered by Ron Gerrits from the Netherlands and is now supported by a Board of Directors comprising Mrs. Somboon Suprasert, Mrs. Bonrood Lonuch and Mrs. Jiamjit Bonsoom.
The all round experience of the Board of Directors is very broad and lengthy in developmental programs, coaching and supporting those people who have low self esteem with feelings of being in a hopeless position, being long time addicts, homeless vagrants, HIV/Aids, victims of sexual abuse, physical abuse or having lost purpose in their lives.
Because the C.B.T. Foundation focuses purely on delivering quality through customized, individual programs and coaching, the priority lies not in the quantity of clients. This composition of the C.B.T. Foundation is small but big on taking responsibility and decisiveness.
The motto of the C.B.T. Foundation and its employees is, “Do what you say and say what you do”. The daily supervision of clients is in the hands of Ron Gerrits who is supported by its members and employees.
The principles of the C.B.T. Foundation are described in the headings of mission, vision and method. How this practice is designed, can be read in the program descriptions and offerings section.
These programs have been developed based on years of experience in working with and listening to the people with one or more of the above mentioned problems who were stuck between various “helping” professional agencies or society had come to label them as “hopeless”.
In this development concept, the programs are not only unique in character, but the results are also positive and remarkable.

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