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Donations - Financial support for the C.B.T. Foundation



The C.B.T. Foundation is financially independent, which means this, that they do not receive financial support from the government.

This is only possible for the C.B.T. Foundation to carry out its activities if they have sufficient financial resources at their disposal.

For individuals, companies etc. who are willing to support financially the activities, there are two ways to do this. Firstly, by a onetime and / or regular donation or secondly, by “adoption” of a project - child.

For questions,and  special requests, please feel free to contact the C.B.T. Foundation via the contact page.



Transparency is a basic commitment of the C.B.T. Foundation where great value is attached. For every financial donation or adoption made through an email from the donor, accountability is made after the money is received.



When the amount, purpose and date of the donation is made by email through, the donor will receive a reply email confirming receipt. Also, an email identifying the account to which the donation is used with pictures of the results and / or mail regarding the status business / project progress / youth.

In the summary, below you can specify where you want the donation to be spent. For current or special issues that currently need support, please read in the “News” section.

 Items for donation include:

  • buying materials, transport, or other to perform volunteer work.
  • support for the prevention program “Just say No”.
  • support for the coaching project for the Akha people “Do not think, just do!”.


Financial adoption

A financial “adoption” means that the financial donation make it possible to carry on the program for an entire activity for one youngster (coaching project) for at least six months steady support.

If you want to make a financial adoption, please contact us by email for further information on making and / or special requests, etc. to be known.

For example when “adopt” for the Prevention project, “Just say No!”, or to perform as a volunteer in a project, the logo of a company or name of donor, etc. can be used in the T-shirt which the participants receive and a “sponsor sign” can be made.

When the amount, purpose and date of the donation by email comes to us, you will receive an email confirming receipt and a follow up email with the account to which your financial adoption has been used, with pictures of the results and / or mail regarding the status / progress of the project / youngster.

In the summary, below you can identify topics for a suitable financial adoption. For current or special issues that currently need urgent support, please read in the item “News”.

Topics for financial  adoption

Refurbishment and restoration of a playground    10,000 THB, Euro 250 or USD 335
Running the prevention program “Just say No!“     27,500 THB, Euro 665 or USD 915

Supporting one young person for the coaching project “Do not think, just do !”
6 months 48,000 THB, Euro 1175 or USD 1.600
12 months 96,000 THB, Euro 2350 or USD 3.200






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