Once in a Lifetime

the Spiritual Journey


Mission, vision and basic principles



The mission of the Creating Balance Thailand Foundation, C.B.T. is to break through situations and thought patterns that individuals or groups of people who had stagnated or had become excluded in the development of a healthy stable living situation.


The vision of C.B.T. Foundation is that in the social care support program it is assumed that everyone is can obtain a “normal” life with happiness.

Basic principles

The aid and support are based on some tenets, namely:

  • The qualities and possibilities of the individual are the starting point, instead of his/her limitations. This all combined with the preservation of own responsibility and own independence
  • By achieving a behavioral change based on a realistic self-image/insight by “learning through experience and doing”, regarding his/her problems, in relation with the present qualities and possibilities, a lasting positive result can be achieved
  • The relation between client and C.B.T. personnel is based on equality and mutual respect
  • The work-attitude can be indicated as: flexible, individual and client-focused, high quality, innovative, unorthodox, thorough and honest


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