Once in a Lifetime

the Spiritual Journey


What we do


This mission is shaped by practice, provision and implementation of these programs, projects and initiatives:

  • The program “Once in a Lifetime” is an individual and pragmatic rehabilitation program for people who aim to break their addiction behavior problems, not accessible in their home countries or other western countries.
  • The program “The Spiritual Journey” is a short-term intensive program for people whose individual target(s) and joy of life are lost. Until now they have not able to break through this spiral of negative thinking and feelings.
  • Performing various community activities in the form of volunteering as part of the “Once in a Life-time” located in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai (Northern Thailand).
  • Performing various activities in the form of volunteering, by people as a temporary volunteer activities of the C.B.T. Foundation opts to support.
  • The prevention program “Just Say NO!”  A program held in schools located in the “rural areas” directed to the hilltribe children in the mountains of Northern Thailand. The program is aimed at children with joint involvement of parents and social environment, developing private and shared responsibility, skills, how to refuse and avoid trafficking of drugs and Say NO. How to responsibly use alcohol .
  • The school - coaching program “Do not think, just do!!!”, is a small scale project but unique in its design for young people from the poorest families of the Ahka-hilltribe who live in the mountains near Chiang Rai. The project aim is to give them the chance to break the vicious circle of poverty and disadvantage letting them attend vocational or high school in the city of Chiang Rai.

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