Once in a LifeTime

  • Is it a fact that your life has declined due to using drugs, alcohol and/or other substances?
  • Do you feel stuck in relationships, work, other areas, while positive attitude and/or feelings of happiness have gone?
  • Does the future seem like a black hole that you can not find a solution to get out of?
  • Are you looking for an affordable program with a practical, no nonsense approach?
  • Are you looking for a program that prides itself on quality and a high level of individual support? 

Then ‘Once in a Lifetime’ is possibly the program for you!

‘Once in a Lifetime’ is a program that has been developed from years of experience and is based on working, listening and the development of programs for people with addiction problems and/or feel they are in a desperate situation.

The program’s main focus is for people who feel they are stuck in the 12 step program or believe that this and other programs available are not suitable for them.

In addition, the ‘After Care Program’ which follows the detox period, is a program catering for people who are stuck emotionally in everyday life (burnout, mid-life crisis, etc), and are searching for new perspectives and goals in life. 

‘Once in a Lifetime’ is a unique program of its kind, which an individual pragmatically learns by doing and gaining experience combined self analysis and self examination as the key concepts.

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