the Spiritual Journey

The program “Once in a Lifetime” has a central theme for a person who is filled with confusion and anxiety, feeling deeply lost, stuck in patterns of thinking that no longer serve day to day living, and they want to start searching for a true level of happiness. Some are looking for a  program to follow to find happiness in life, create new goals, to find necessary tools to develop insight through gentle guidance and to find one’s true voice to make pivotal choices in one’s life.


Related problems and feelings may include:

  • mid-life crisis, burnout
  • (imminent) loss of relationships, work
  • having achieved everything and not knowing what more you want or need
  • feeling of not connecting with others which will be offset by extreme behavior in combination with alcohol and drugs
  • the constant fearful feeling to fall back into old negative behavior, including addiction. In other words, finding a way or method to “permanently close the door” to excessive urges

Meanwhile, several people with intensive, individual personalities benefited from an abbreviated program “Once in a Lifetime”, with great success and became resolved based on the experience of “The Spiritual Journey”.

The name of the program “The Spiritual Journey” was created based on the reactions of the participant’s  experiences and personal development as a spiritual journey candidate.

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